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Our english page

Basic information

The Wilhelm-Busch-School (WBS), is a special education school for children and adolescents with severe behavioral disorders in its whole spectrum (basic priority is laid on the students' emotional and social development).

The school is run by the local administration 'Märkischer Kreis'. The catchment area of our School are the cities Iserlohn, Hemer, Balve and Menden. The students are taken to school by mini buses, the so called 'special student transport'.

Currently around 100 students are taught in seven heterogeneous learning groups related to their age and their individual abilities.

Each learning group permanently lead by two special teachers, who are trained in several fields of special education (mostly pedagogy for children with behavioral disorders and/or learning disabilities). These class teachers work in a highly developed way of team teaching.

Two school social workers support the students in solving their problems concerning their daily life. We see the collaboration of professions as one of our most important basic principles.

Our highest principle is our permanent work for a solid, friendly and trustful relation to our students. The class teacher system offers a good basis for this target. Also the double manning allows successful crisis intervention and a sustainable post-processing after conflicts concerning all parts of the students school live.

The small learning groups offer good opportunities for individual care and intensive encouragement. Furthermore we try to keep a strong cooperation with parents and other professionals such as staff in children's homes et cetera.

Curricula and precepts

In our school all students learn according to mainstream school curricula. There are exceptions for students with additional needs in case of learning disabilities. Special curricula have been designed to meet their special needs.

The WBS covers a primary school and a secondary school. A central intention is to see our school as a 'short-term school'. We permanently follow the prior aim to enable our students to go back to the regular school system.

Students who do not reach that goal, may achieve the graduation they are able to (same as in mainstream/secondary schools).

Equal to the content of curricular components of each subject, we see the advancement related to learning ability, way of working (doing things) and social behavior. Further more we intend to support the young girl and boy to develope their personality. These highly individual educational aims are planned by valid and multi perspective criterions and are continuously evaluated.

A perspective of inclusion

We are a special school, but untill the school year 2013/14 all of the special education teachers of the WBS-Team supported further 40 students with behavioral problems (and their teachers) in several secondary schools in our catchment area. In this time we took the chance to improve our team's skills related to an inclusive school system. We arranged multiple cooperation meetings together with teachers from mainstream schools to develop the learning situation for included/integrated students with behavior disorders in our region.

'Der andere Unterricht' - another kind of school lessons

To let our students make positive school experiences and to implement our pedagogical aims, as described above, all our students frequently take part in special offers which are a central part of the school life, such as

  • Ÿ horse riding
  • Ÿ swimming
  • Ÿ archery
  • Ÿ football
  • Ÿ canoeing
  • Ÿ working in the bicycle repair shop
  • Ÿ reading and loaning books in the library
  • Ÿ forrest adventure workshop
  • Ÿ climbing
  • Ÿ student band project
  • Ÿ choir
  • Ÿ gardening in the school garden
  • Ÿ beekeeping
  • Ÿ wood workshop
  • Ÿ metal workshop
  • Ÿ several activities in vocational preparation
    • doing crafts in different workshops
    • cooking/home economics
    • economy experiences in the school's kiosk

Our students: ‚they're all individual and have creative ways of behaving’

Ÿ ADHD/ADD (hyperkinetic disorders)

Ÿ severe behavioral disorders

Ÿ intense social problems (such as aggressive behavior)

Ÿ psychic problems (example given depression, reactive attachment disorder)

Ÿ low self-esteem

Ÿ difficult familiar conditions (violence, poverty, drug abuse)

Ÿ school phobia (separation axienty, anxiety in other social contexts)

Ÿ school anxiety (performance anxiety)

Ÿ truancy

Ÿ drug abuse

Ÿ delinquency

Ÿ problems occurring by a problematic peer group


Ÿ 18 special education teachers

Ÿ 1 regular teacher (manual training/physical education)

Ÿ 2 social worker

Ÿ 2 trainee teachers

Ÿ 5 members of staff in all-day primary school (non teaching)

Ÿ 1 member of staff in all-day secondary school (non teaching)

Room conditions

Ÿ 7 class rooms

Ÿ 2 all-day school rooms

Ÿ 1 Computer room

Ÿ 1 nature science room

Ÿ 1 small gymnasium

Ÿ 3 workshops

Ÿ band/music room

Ÿ relaxation room

Ÿ 1 meeting room

Ÿ staff room (teacher's lounge)

Ÿ 1 assembly hall


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